Venture Capital firms want a return on their investment, a seat on the board and accelerated growth. Typically, the formula for success includes strong leadership with relevant experience, a viable product with market validation, and a cash infusion to scale the business.

Monitoring the burn rate and cash runway become top of mind KPIs. Pragmatism is the prudent business approach. Controlling computing costs and people costs, evaluating talent and closing business are as important as building a viable product. Our team of domain experts can help you in many ways, including. . . .

Control your start-ups’ cloud computing costs — cloud optimization, discount programs, contract negotiations

Leverage your start-ups’ data — data strategy, architecture, advanced analytics, machine learning, generative AI, monetization, performance benchmarks

Grow your start-ups’ revenue — sales strategy & execution, close new logos, pricing, compelling justifications

Fractional leadership – enjoy flexibility while saving money by renting our experienced executive leaders; avoid paying a full-time salary, benefits, compensation and other employment costs

Talent evaluation – evaluate top talent based upon the right behavioral attributes

Mitigate risk – test the market viability of your start-ups’ products without committing to a full-time team

Our team of domain experts can help you accelerate your business growth in many ways.