Elevate your AI journey and attract investors with our AI domain expertise

If you are a start-up seeking a fundraise, you will want to include AI as a critical component within your product to attract investors. Avalanche Growth Partners offers domain expertise in AI models, from identifying AI use cases, to designing, building and operationalizing the AI models in alignment with your business strategy.

Unlock the potential of Enterprise Large Language Models (LLMs) and Private Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) with our expert design and implementation services.

We guide you in bringing LLM-powered applications to production seamlessly, leveraging industry best LLM-Ops and ML-Ops tools. Our consultation spans Generative and Hybrid AI initiatives, collaborating with domain experts for strategic “prompt” driven solutions.

We facilitate technology evaluations, ensure privacy compliance and design scalable architectures. Our services extend to adapting pre-trained LLMs to specific tasks, from data preparation to deployment, monitoring and resource management.

Generative AI Workshops – we offer a 2-day virtual training, plus an optional hands-on Hackathon, so that you will be able to build your own AI solution.

ChatGPT front-end user interface – strategy, design, and development of a relevant OpenAI ChatGPT use case, with an API connection to your product/platform. You can even outsource the development to Avalanche Growth Partners, so that your team can focus on your priorities, such as product development and acquiring customers.

Private GPT and LLM based enterprise solutions – operationalize your enterprise LLMs and Private GPTs, employing best practices around LLM-Ops and ML-Ops.

Avalanche Growth Partners provides services around the following AI areas:

  • identify relevant AI use cases
  • perform technology evaluations
  • transformation of enterprise data vectorization and privacy
  • scalable and resilient architecture design for optimizing, inferencing and quantizing the AI models
  • adapting pre-trained Large Language Models (LLMs) to specific tasks, customized to your business
  • overall product strategy and development