Does anyone need a superhero?

Our team knows how to qualify and close business. Why pay high salaries when you can rent our team on a contract basis? We develop a bespoke strategy, target the right personas with a compelling justification, coach your sales team, earn the trust of your prospects’ key decision makers and help them become heroes. Our areas of expertise includes the following:

Fractional Sales Leadership – over 25 years of experience and over $2B sold, available on retainer

Close business faster – hire a pro on a contract basis

Sales Coaching – we work closely with your sales reps, provide guidance, help them qualify and close

Contract negotiations – pricing, structure, committed contracts

Develop a winning culture – it’s much more than attitude

Objective setting – goals and objectives

Segmentation – target by size, geography, and/or industry focus

Account Based Marketing – account planning, target personas, messaging, specific campaigns

Business outcomes – KPIs, metrics that matter to your customer

Compelling justifications – focus on business, operational and financial benefits

Solution selling – identify use cases that can be replicated

Team selling dynamics


Sales Ops – pipeline, funnel, sales metrics (Sales Velocity, Conversion Rate, Customer Acquisition Cost, Life Time Value, etc.)