Our domain experts have deep experience helping clients navigate the complexities of cloud financial management and maximizing the bang for their buck.

Cloud Savings Program – Avalanche Growth Partners is offering a risk free promotion for start-ups called our Cloud Savings Program (CSP). If you are a start-up and your monthly cloud spend averages $10K or more, then you qualify for our CSP. With your permission, we will conduct a detailed Cost Optimization Analysis of your cloud consumption, as described below. We’ll then provide you with our recommendations for cost reduction. Thus far, we are typically seeing 20% to 40% savings (~30% on average). Our fee is equal to one month savings as identified by our Cost Optimization Analysis. If there is no savings identified by our effort, then there is no fee. You are burning cash with each passing month, so why not start realizing your savings immediately?

Cost Optimization Analysis – Deep dive into existing cloud resource usage, review of optimization levers available based on usage, and identification of opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency improvement. Examples include pricing model & purchase option strategy, instance rightsizing recommendations, storage utilization and instance scheduling. We will also collaborate with you to build an execution plan, so that you can begin realizing the identified savings opportunities.

Cloud Planning & Forecasting – Financial model build-outs leveraging historical usage patterns, current cost drivers, and assumptions about the future to support forecasting for financial planning and/or cloud deal negotiations.

Cloud Financial Reporting – Review of current mechanisms for driving financial accountability via cost allocation, cost & resource tagging, and financial analysis and reporting.

Cloud FinOps Tooling – Assessment of cloud financial management tooling usage with regard to deep dive analysis and automation of key financial guardrails such as monitoring, alerts, and resource usage circuit-breakers.

Cloud Governance Strategies – Evaluating the effectiveness of status quo Cloud Governance models, review of industry best practices, identification of key improvement opportunities, and construction of action plans for achieving desired cloud financial management goals.