The technology exists to… optimize your Sales Productivity; optimize your Shipping; outsource your Accounts Payable; retrieve Revenue form Contract Underpayments

Avalanche Growth Partners has established key partnerships to deliver business solutions that can impact your bottom line.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Time is of the essence. Build your MVP faster by outsourcing the development to our AGP partners.

OpenAI ChatGPT integration

AI is the new shiny object. Integrating AI into your product is critical in obtaining additional rounds of investment. Investors follow the gravity. Do not delay your plans to build an AI interface or use case. You can outsource this component to AGP and reduce the time to market and realize the benefits of AI sooner, such as improved conversation rates.

Sales Productivity

The technology exists to optimize your sales productivity for B2B solution selling. One of our clients, has developed an end to end sales productivity mobile app that enables sales professionals to quickly know where they stand in the sales process and, more important, identifies the tasks that are required to close their deal sooner. Unlike CRM, sales reps love this tool because they realize the benefits of increased productivity. Sales management also loves it, as it eliminates the BS inherent in CRM systems. Your customers will love it too, because it helps enable them to justify buying your product sooner. The app run on Apple iOS and Android devices, and can easily be customized for your business. If interested, we are happy to arrange a demo.

Shipping/Logistics Technology

The technology exists to have complete visibility into the most effective logistics solution for every shipment. Improve quality and efficiency while cutting costs using FedEx, UPS, USPS and others, with access to a logistics network of over 6,000 shippers at your fingertips. Deliver fragile items such as musical instruments, glass and ceramic products with quality packaging and handling to minimize damaged goods and returns. Try it alongside your current shipping solution and determine which is best for you and your customers.

Accounts Payable Technology

The technology exists to outsource your Accounts Payable and turn it into a revenue generator. Automate the ingestion of invoices, approval workflow and execution of payments, while controlling cashflow and positively impacting working capital. Leverage V-card technology for highly secure payments, as opposed to P-cards that are lodged with several sites that may be open to potential fraud.

Contract Underpayments Forensics Technology

The technology exists to perform automated forensics on your current contracts and billing to uncover any shortfall in payments that may be owed to you. Health care providers are seeing an average of 22% in unpaid claims revenue by conducting the HIPAA compliant forensic analysis, with no resources required by the health care provider. This is another risk free opportunity to increase revenue and improve your cash flow and working capital position.